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How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite

Introduction to Fortnite Skins

Fortnite skins are a vibe for many gamers as the change of appearance helps change the whole atmosphere of the game. Well, there isn’t a specific impact that you can relate the Fortnite skins to, although these stylish outfits that also style your weapons can boost your gaming experience altogether. A simple demo; Imagine how a muscled-up guy would play – all rough and bold, right? That’s how your style of playing will be affected since that extra confidence in the character due to the introduction of Fortnite skin will push you to the limit.

How to Get Fortnite skins

There are three simple ways of getting Fortnite skins;

Purchasing them from the Item Shop

Like a typical store, you have a variety of skins at your disposal. Purchasing these skins will cost you a lot, especially if you progress at different levels. With this option, you can get offers of 2 skins at a discounted price.

Spending Your V-Bucks

You can choose either to buy v-bucks with real-life funds or to earn them for free. With the v-bucks, you can quickly get the Fortnite skins when the opportunity presents itself.

Getting Battle Pass

Battle Passes can only be earned by those who play Battle Royale. Acquiring a new level will unlock a new item. Some rewards can be used to open specific Fortnite skins for free.

The Fortnite Skins that You Can Get for Free

Although there are free Fortnite skins generators out there, it is essential to ensure that you use a reliable source not to expose your privacy and be a victim of viruses and hacking. The best way to get the Fortnite skins for free is by using the Battle Passes and below is a list of the skins that you can unlock in each season;

Season 7

  1. LYNX (1 of 7) and LYNX (7 of 7 – after completing 55 weekly challenges) from Lynx set
  2. ZENITH (1 of 7) and ZENITH (7 of 7 – after completing 45 weekly challenges) from Zenith set
  3. SGT. WINTER (1 of 3) and SGT. WINTER (3 of 3 – after completing 14 daily challenges) from Sgt. Winter set
  4. POWDER from Powder Patrol set
  5. ONESIE from Durrr Burger set
  6. TROG from Mountain Myths set
  7. THE ICE KING (1 of 4) and THE ICE KING (4 of 4 – outlive 25000 opponents) from Ice Kingdom set.

Season 6

  1. CALAMITY (6 of 6 – unlock at 200 000 XP) from Western Wilds set
  2. DJ YONDER from Twin Turntables set
  3. DIRE (6 of 6 – unlock at 250 000 XP) from Full Moon set
  4. DUSK from Nite Coven set
  5. GIDDY-UP.

Season 4

  1. CARBIDE from Carbide set
  2. BATTLEHAWK from Advanced Forces set
  3. TEKNIQUE from Aerosol Assassins set
  4. ZOEY from Sweet Tooth set
  5. VALOR from Valiant set
  6. SQUAD LEADER from Advanced Forces set
  7. OMEGA from Omega set.

Season 3

  1. MISSION SPECIALIST from Space Explorers set
  2. RUST LORD from Storm Scavenger set
  3. ELITE AGENT from Black Vector set
  4. MOONWALKER from Space Explorers set
  5. DARK VOYAGER from Space Explorers set
  6. THE REAPER from Hired Gun set.

It is crucial to consider earning and using Battle Passes to get free Fortnite skins rather than any external skin generator.

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